Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's been almost two weeks since my disastrous flight to Newark where after I switched seats with someone across from me so that they could sit with their travel companion I ended up sitting next to the jerj who didn't MHOB, and I ended up leaving my brand new earphones and iPod on the plane. At least I think that's where I left them, after using them most of the flight, I reached for them a few days later on an Amtrak train and didn't find them. In addition to the annoyance of realizing I probably lost them, I had to listen to the way-too-loud volume of the person sitting next to me, taking little satisfaction in the fact that she's sure to go deaf soon.

I mention the seat switch, because no good deed goes unpunished and even though the seat was an even swap, if some honest person happened to pick up my iPod/earphones, they'd have no way to return to me as my name isn't associated with the seat I left them on, but the seat across the aisle from it. Oh well, live and learn.

Other bad karma was last Xmas when coming back from NY we had confirmed seats in F (first) on UA's p.s. service from JFK (three class international quality service and seats on JFK-SFO and JFK-LAX routes) and the nice-seat-p.s. 757 was swapped out for an international 767. Which is nowhere *near* as nice in F or C.

Well, last night I went to check in online for my p.s. flight today (confirmed in C on an upgrade) and realized OMG it's a 767 but the new, reconfigured one that United has made so much noise about since last summer, but since there are just a handful of them still, they've mostly been on international routes I don't fly. The closest I came to flying one was when my disaster abortion of a flight 75 SFO-HNL went mechanical and they were trying to get us a new plane and we almost ended up with the reconfigured 747 but no luck (and then they misfueled the plane we did get and we had to go back and then spend the night at the airport and they ran out of vouchers for hotel so we had to do our own, and then they left us off of the manifest for the extra segment replacement flight the next day but we got 17,500 miles for our troubles each).

Anyway, they had me in one of the backwards facing seats so I quickly switched myself to 6H, front row foward facing and have been holding my breath and keeping my fingers and toes crossed since then, hoping this really will be true.

I'm now sitting at the JFK RCC and sure enough the RCC matron even said "Oh, it's the new plane, I should go take a look at it" and I'm so excited I'll probably go to the gate an hour in advance to take a look and get in line to maximize my time on it!

Luckily I have my camera with me and it even seems to be charged, so I'll try to take some pictures even though lots of pictures have already been taken and posted all over the place.

This doesn't make up for lost iPod and earphones, but it sure makes up for the lost p.s. F opportunity last December!

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