Saturday, July 12, 2008

Use your own damn bathroom

On a 763 the one F bathroom is in the front of the plane.  The two C bathrooms are between C and Y and the four Y lavs are in the back of the plane. 

There is nothing that annoys me more than Y pax that queue up for the C bathrooms, especially when Y is mostly empty and their lavs are all available and C is full.  I also hate when the FAs say they'll make an announcement and they don't and they don't use the curtains between cabins.

As far seat selection, other than the forward vs rear facing, the only decision is window (view but have to step over someone to get out) or aisle.

Some minor glitches with my video - no worst than the typical DVR experience, occassional pixilation and image freeze-up.

Overhead bin on the side wouldn't stay closed.  But the fixed the second C lav at least.


Nicole said...

Do you have a portable DVD player you like for air travel? We're going on our first cruise with my Dad this fall, and I think he might enjoy one..

Asya said...

I don't use a portable DVD player, however, I have various portable things for playing videos. I have a Cowon A2 with a 30G hard drive, a PSP (Sony portable playstation) which can play games, videos (in the right format) or music on an 8gig card, and my PC can play movies/TV shows. Since I always have to have my PC for work, and I usually bring one of the other "toys" I've never thought it worthwhile to get a DVD player for travel. I barely use the one I have at home :)