Sunday, April 12, 2009

airline idiocy

The biggest idiocy of our day and age are "direct" flights.

In case you don't know, a direct flight is not a non-stop flight, so you still have to land somewhere, gather your crap, go to another gate, get back on a plane, but it's called a "direct" instead of a connecting flight because you get the same flight number on the first and second legs.

In every other way it's different from a connecting flight in many ways the airline gets to screw you.

Like making you reserve the same seat on both legs (one not available or only middles seats happen to be available for both? Too bad - you only get one boarding pass). Like not clearing your upgrade unless both legs have availability at the same time. Like giving you mileage for the non-stop even if you happened to have flown more actual miles. Like not keeping the same plane, gate or even terminal and certainly not waiting for you if your incoming is late (you figured you couldn't miss the second leg of a one-stop, didn't you?).

Amazing how easily they can suddenly split your ticket into two when they want to give away your seat for the second leg!


Debbie Ann said...

wow, that is obnoxious. which airline?

Asya said...

American was the one that wouldn't split the ticket to get a decent seat assignment and then sent me across ORD to get to the same seat on a completely different plane.

United does the sneaky lower-mileage thing.

They both do the no-upgrade-till-the-whole-thing-can-clear...